What is the max height for tunnel?

The maximum height of our wash is 84" (7').

Is your tunnel wash safe for convertibles?

Yes, please make sure the roof is properly latched.

Do you wash trucks?

Yes, however the height limit is 84". heights. Please empty your bed before coming to get a wash.
*We cannot wash Dually trucks, trucks/vans with ladder racks, or trucks with external fuel tanks.

Can I wash my vehicle with roof mounted racks? Rear mounted racks?

In most cases, factory-installed, lower-profile roof racks are safe to take through the tunnel. Our staff will inspect your roof rack to make sure it is securely attached to your vehicle and has no protruding attachments.

Rear-mounted racks like bike racks need to be removed prior to getting into line at the car wash as the position and style of these racks have a greater likelihood of getting caught in the cloth, potentially causing damage to your vehicle, other vehicles, or the car wash equipment. We cannot wash vehicles with aftermarket ladder racks.

Please check with the site personnel prior to getting in line if you have questions about your rack in the event your rack does need to be removed for safety.

Are the memberships per vehicle, or per household?

Unlimited Wash Club memberships are one per vehicle. If you have two or more vehicles, then you will need a membership for each vehicle.

Do you offer a multi-car or family discount?

Yes, family memberships are offered under our Ceramic Storm membership only. Family member vehicles will be recharged under the account holder's credit card. Limit of (2) additional vehicles per family membership plan.

How will I be charged for my membership?

The monthly membership fee is set to automatically renew each month and be billed on the anniversary of the first enrollment date to the payment card you provided when signing up.

Is it possible to update the card I have on file for my monthly membership renewal?

If you would like to have this done at the wash on your next visit, we would be happy to assist you. Or you can change your form of payment here on our website.

I need to cancel my membership. Is my time stopped at the time of cancellation?

You will still receive the rest of the paid time until the end of the month or year (depending on the term of your membership). Partial refunds are not available.

I bought a new car. Is it possible to transfer my membership to it?

The answer is yes. You can transfer your membership by taking your new vehicle to the wash, please have your previous plate number available, we'll set up your new car and update your membership. This update can also be made here on our website.

When you use Lightning Express you help conserve water and dispose of soap and chemicals safely. We use biodegradable chemicals and dispose of waste by removing the majority of solids and disposing the remainder directly into the sanitary sewer system. Through our Water Reclamation System, we also recycle 88% of the water we use.

Up to 140 gallons of water are used in the average at-home car wash. A driveway car wash is not only a waste of water, but it also releases chemicals into streams and rivers because they go down storm drains.

The ceramic application forms a tough, three-layer barrier that resists dirt, bird droppings, and contaminates at a molecular level. Superior hydrophobic properties and long-lasting shine result from the layering process.