You'll always have a clean car with a Lightning Membership! You can take advantage of any of our extraordinary wash packages for a low monthly fee. The Lightning Pass will allow you unlimited washes and a seamless transaction through the pay station. Simply pull up to the pay station and a small RFID tag will be detected on your windshield, and your car will be washed "LIGHTNING FAST!".


You will see the pre-authorized charge on your credit card statement each month. You may cancel in person, on our app, or via email at any time.

Ceramic Storm - Wash Package

How does an Unlimited Wash program benefit me?

You can't go wrong! Keep your car clean without the hassle, and save money!
Subscribing to a set-price membership allows you to wash as often as you like.

Is it really that easy?

Yes, it really is that easy! Come by our location, sign up online at or use our Brand New App to manage your membership on the go. The first month's fee is charged via your credit/debit card on the day you signed up for the service going forward. You’ll be giving an RFID tag at the wash. Our friendly attendants will scan your RFID tag at the pay station before you go through the tunnel. Each month, the card will be charged automatically.

Is there a limit to how often I can wash?

At Lightning Express, you can visit us a frequently as you'd like.

How should I manage my plan?

You can manage all account details at | on the Lightning Express App | or On Site.
There is no contract and you can downgrade, upgrade, or cancel at any time.